EG-Speedrun: Running every Path in English Garden

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What is this?

The goal of this project to stay fit and gamify the (sometimes boring) running activities by adding a small challenge to it. The idea is to run all available paths in the English Garden, a pretty big park in the heart of Munich.

For that I am tracking my runs with my smart watch and use a python script to extract the necessary GPS data. Finally this data is matched against OpenStreeMap data of the English Garden.

The Rules

  • Every path segment in the English Garden has to be traversed completely
    • Exception: The Autobahn segment that crosses English Garden doesn't need to be run
    • Exception: Private or inaccesible paths don't need to be run
  • Only segments that are actively run are tracked. Normal walking (even for pauses) does not count.
  • It is allowed to use a bike or other means to get to a starting point in English Garden and to leave the English Garden after a run. Of course, this is not tracked.
  • The project starts the 21th of May 2022.

The Map

Below you can see a map of the english garden paths with all tracks that I have run so far highlighted. You can click the map to get a pdf version or click the link below the image for an interactive map. Enjoy!

English Garden with past runs highlighted. Click for PDF vector graphic.